Procedures for a Process Server in Suffolk County, Long Island NY

As a process server in Suffolk County you provide proof by return or affidavit of service that a particular person or entity was given legal process as prescribed by law. The methods in which you, as process server can fulfill your obligation by law are:

  • Deliver the required legal documents directly to the person or persons named
  • Deliver the required legal documents to a substitute person of suitable age and discretion at the place of business or home of the person or persons named on the legal document and the mail the documents
  • After several attempts of the above mention options have failed, the legal documents can be posted on the door of the home or workplace of the named person or persons on the legal documents, and then mail the legal documents as well.

The affidavit of service is what the court relies on to determine a person’s notification of a legal action.


Proof of Service

The proof, return or affidavit of services must be well documented. As a process server in Suffolk county, you do well to keep a record of observations, facts and details of the service provided. Keeping a record of names, address, notes regarding time and places surrounding the service of documents are paramount in the event your service of process is questioned or challenged at a future time. The affidavit of proof of service must be executed timely and in accordance with the orders of the court with the process servers.


Legal Documents requiring a Process Server

Process servers in Suffolk county provide a service for documents such as:

  • Summons of the Court
  • Complaints
  • Subpoenas
  • Order to Show Cause
  • Writs
  • Citations
  • Notifications

There can also be demands and other court documents that require the service of a process server. It is important to you conduct your business as a professional process server. While most documents can be served at any time in a public place as long as it doesn’t cause a nuisance or violate the law in some way. As an experienced process server in Suffolk County, you do well to use good judgement when choosing a time to deliver the important documents. Remember, you are very important to the legal action before the court. Improper service can cause delays in the progress of a legal action, it also can increase court and attorney fees, cause injunctions and unnecessarily delay justice. As a professional process server, you must have knowledge of the law and work within the laws of the legislative branch of the Suffolk County Courts and the state of New York.