Is Polished Concrete Flooring in Tampa Slippery?

A beautiful floor makes a room. There are many options to make the floors beautiful in both commercial and private places. One of the most popular choices these days is polished concrete flooring in Tampa. Concrete has come a long way from being used as a behind the scenes material for support. The question is about the level of slipping that can happen with a polished concrete floor. It may be hard to understand, but although the polished concrete looks shiny and possibly slippery it isn’t.



Floors Get Wet


In Florida, we often come in from the pool or the beach with wet feet or dripping clothes. Coming out of the shower is also a time when water can get on the floor. Even the humidity in Florida can make a floor a bit slippery. Having a strong non-slip floor like polished concrete can help in these times. Polished concrete breathes, unlike other floors. When the concrete is polished down, it does not need harsh chemicals or other slippery substances to make it look good. At participating places that offer polished concrete flooring in Tampa they can show you the polished simple coating that looks shiny but does not slip like marble. Traffic on polished concrete is able to have a safe grip.


Can You Slip on Polished Concrete?


It would be impossible to say that no one would ever slip on a polished concrete floor. You still have to keep polished concrete dry and free of obstacles so as not to cause any slips. It has been proven that polished concrete is less slippery than other polished floors like linoleum, laminate, or stone. It is always good to have area rugs or runners for the best safety.


Keeping Polished Concrete Clean


It is easy to keep polished concrete clean. As mentioned before the polished part of the concrete is not as harsh as other layers of polish. The cleaning process is simple with a mop and non-harsh cleaning products that are easy to use. You can purchase specific cleaners at your participating polished concrete flooring in Tampa providers. The polished concrete flooring in Tampa providers can also tell you about the store bought natural products you can use to keep your polished concrete floors Tampa clean.


Beauty at a Reduced Price


You get the shine for less. Polished concrete floors in Tampa are much less expensive than marble and other beautiful floorings. Polished concrete floors in Tampa can provide your home or business with the elegance you want without the elegant prices. The overall prices are cheaper and the maintenance over time is cheaper. Concrete also last much longer than other flooring materials used. Repairs are easy too.


If you are thinking of building or remodeling consider polished concrete. The choices are amazing to choose from in design and color. Check your local listings in Tampa for polished concrete and check out all the exquisite polished concrete options.