Epoxy Flooring or Polished Concrete Flooring. Which is Better?

When it comes to flooring there are so many options for you to choose that the choice might seem a bit overwhelming. In your home you may consider laminate, linoleum, wood, tile or carpet for the main living spaces. The types of flooring you decide upon in your home are dependent upon the climate that you reside in. Homeowners in Sarasota Florida and other parts of Florida typically stay away from carpet because it can trap moisture and southern coastal states typically have a more humid atmosphere which is a perfect climate to produce mold. For Sarasota FL residents polished concrete flooring and epoxy flooring are the most popular options for hot climates such as coastal regions and the dry arid southwest in states like Arizona.

Epoxy Flooring in Sarasota Fl

How Can You Decide Upon The Type Of Flooring That Is Best For Your Home?

This answer is twofold. The first rests solely on your personal preferences as a Sarasota Florida homeowner. You have to live in your house and you want to be aesthetically pleased every time you come home. The second deciding factor is regional and what works best for the climate zone that you live in. Beyond there are a few sub-factors that we’ll discuss to help narrow down the selection.

  • Cost
  • Durability
  • Beauty
  • Maintenance

Consider Cost, Durability, Beauty and Maintenance

You need to consider the cost of the flooring that you are installing. If you are deciding between metallic epoxy flooring and stained concrete floors for your basement, garage, all-seasons room or even whole house floors there are a few variations in cost. Epoxy can cost less and be quicker to install but it is not always a favorite over stained concrete. Metallic epoxy flooring does not have as long of a life span and stained concrete floors so the initial cost may be less but long term you may end up spending more. Both are heavy and durable though metallic epoxy flooring tends to have a shorter lifespan than the stained concrete. As far as beauty goes, this is completely dependent upon the homeowners’ personal choices. Epoxy can be made with specific patterns and metallic embellishments and have a glossy finish. Stained concrete floors in Sarasota Florida will react well to the humidity in the air. Epoxy simply covers the existing concrete and creates a barrier that does not allow the floor to naturally absorb some of the moisture in the air. This will cause cracking over time. The stained concrete works with its environment and can adjust accordingly to the humidity and will wear better over time.